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Get the most out of your skills,  hobbies and expertise… even if you have to do this on the side...? Yes, sure you can!

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Why you need to start an online-course based business 

It all comes down to one thing. There are lots of people looking for a ready-made solution that addresses the specific challenges they have.

Some of the things they need answers to, sometimes are what you already have experienced before, and could solve easy peasy for them.

By guiding your audience and showing them how to address their challenge, you'll earn their trust and respect as an 'expert' or as someone knowledgeable enough in solving that type of problem. 

Does this sound like what you could do?

Solve it for free or for a fee 

Your choice to decide.

Here is a question, would  you love to help your audience solve her challenge ( I mean one you have the experience to answer), while you get paid for your time & resourcefulness? 

Well, I already guessed what your answer would be! Not surprisingly, economics, too, derived its law of supply and demand from the theory of needs meeting of 'men', in the form of products or services to alleviate his insatiable desires. 

Are online courses the only means to make money from your knowledge or skills?

No, please... There are possibly more than One hundred other means to do this if I won't be exaggerating.

If you are looking to create a passive income system, that requires very little demand in making it run autopilot; adopting the Course Funnel System will be your surefire way to generate additional revenue into your business. 

Leveraging your skills(what you are good at), creativity, and some free tools... Trust me, you're good to go!

How can I know for a fact that someone needs your course?

Brilliant thinking! 

Do you know that people turn to GOOGLE, searching for the answers to the minutest of problems they find confounding?

​For instance:

  • How to avoid being suicidal when feeling depressed? Or a question like...
  •  What shade of lipsticks can i wear on a short white dinner dress? 

Or these queries....

search refernce.png

I realize that what appears very simple and almost a second nature to you or me, someone out there finds it confounding and has urgent needs in addressing the situation.

​​If only you thought about their needs and planned a solution to fill the gap.

​Got my drift?

But... What about YouTube videos?

YouTube videos are great.

These videos have been helping humanity solve issues since the year 2005.


Becoming an expert, whom your audience trusts, draws inspiration, and ultimately- knowledge from, doesn't come cheap.

It comes with a high level of commitment, a problem-solving mindset, and empathy to create a transformation for your audience, honestly. 

And this is where some YouTube video creators sometimes fall short. 

Some of these YouTube video creators churn out contents daily (in multitudes) to increase video views and the traffic to their YouTube channels. To quickly scale up their YouTube channel popularity, for a quicker, possible Adsense payment reward. 

For me, this isn't the smartest monetization approach... (You dont have to agree), considering the amount of TIME and efforts, it require to create value-ladened video contents.

I'll instead, advise you to use YouTube as a part of your 'big picture' marketing strategy, to fill up your overall revenue goal.

​Your ability to serve your audience, within your area of expertise cannot be overemphasized, always keep this top-mind. 

If you feel there are frequent demands for you to create more YouTube video-guides regularly, to be in the face of your target audience who have come to trust your reviews and suggestions, by all means humanly possible, please do it and be helpful.
Just ensure it fits into your marketing strategy for your overall business goal. Equally, don't forget that you can monetize your knowledge and assets. You don't necessarily have to give your expertise all out for free.

Two reasons why someone will beg you to collect his money

  1. 1
    Got a valuable knowledge that solves an immediate pain-point? When you have a solution, well put together, trust me... you have the key to peoples' purses.
  2. 2
    A solution that takes away their pains- providing enjoyment, relief, time-saving solutions, etc. you also have the magic wand in your hand. Leverage on this!

Love for speed 

An average person spends more time to enjoy those things she truly loves, and that doesn't stress her out.

There is no other best time for you to tap into the knowledge market, creating valuable help for your target audience.

Providing them with an online-course based solution system to tackle those issues, they don't want to deal with anymore.

The curse of second nature mindset

Solving the issues you are already familiar with their answers brings a good feeling and high self-esteem. 

Because you are too familiar with such tasks and it is already second nature to you, shouldn't make you feel awkward putting a price on it.

You deserve your reward, if not more. The time and efforts you put into developing yourself and your craft deserve to be appreciated. 

It feels good when you alleviate the pain-point of others and save them the valuable time they would have wasted from grinding annoying situations or tasks they find beyond their limited knowledge.

If you were like 'Bridgy', my wife, you sure would want to monetize your assets and be accountable. If you don't, someone else has done so already! Period.

course funnel

Course Funnel is a premium course on starting an online-course based business. Aims to help you get started in creating your Info-products from scratch and monetizing your assets. It will take you by the hand and demystify your confusion and overwhelm in harnessing a recession-proof revenue system.

It breaks down the basics and the technical setup to get you started.

Be it for a full time or as a passive revenue model system. 

Pre-launch Offer! Enroll now and get a 71% discount !

This course is for

  • ​Hobbyist
  • ​Business owner
  • ​Consultant/ expert 
  • ​Newbie entrepreneur
  • ​Makeup artist/ beauty advisor
  • Product promoter
  • Instagram marketer / influencer
  • ​Content creators

Here’s What You’ll Get When You Sign Up

​Share your knowledge with others, for a fee, with more confidence.

​​If you haven't begun to monetize some of your assets, you will find this helpful. ​What you need sometimes is a nudge. Your unique approach to doing things could also be taught to others, so they can get the same results you get effortlessly...

Setup your whole system + the revenue engine on autopilot.

​​The tech stack of setting up the right revenue engine for an online business geared towards long term, sometimes gets in the way of many entrepreneurs who are not skilled in that type of routine. With our tools options in this course, you can speedily get lots of actual work done, running your business with less tech overwhelm.

​Idea validation

​Your ability to have a test-proof idea validation goes a long way to tell how successful your product will perform. It will be a bad idea to create a product no one wants, after all the work you put into it. Getting your idea validated is a good skill you'll want to master.

​Lifetime access

For signing up for Course Funnel, you'll get a full lifetime access to the course, and all future updates (without an additional cost.)

Here's​ what is inside the Course Funnel


Module 1: How to come up with your Course idea

​Module one focuses on how to decide on a winning idea from the pack. This is the first place to begin.


Module 2: Idea validation & Market fit test

In module two, you will learn how to conduct a market fit survey/test, to better validate the demand for your solution(product) before producing your course- this is the better approach.


Module 3: Picking your tools

Module three, unravels both the free and paid tools that will be required in creating,delivering and running your online-course based business. With little knowledge of copying & pasting you will be good to go.


Module 4: The revenue Engine setup

​This is the module where you setup your revenue engine. You will find the whole process easy to implement, if you can copy and paste.


Module 5: Course delivery template

​So there are lots of delivery channels to make your course available for your students. This module will breakdown your options and the best stack i recommend for a beginner​.


Module 6: Marketing implementation

​Module six breaks down your ideal marketing implementation to get the best ROI from you ads cost.

For a seamless experience taking the course, the below listed tools are required:

​You'll need these for the best of experience, while taking the course
  1. 1
     Have an access to a laptop or a mobile device with an internet connection, for easy and rapid implementation of your course & funnel creation.
  2. 2
    A notepad (any note-jotting tool will suffice)
  3. 3
    ​Be a fast implementer of concepts or new methodology.

About The Course Instructor,
​Michael Adewale

Michael is a creative strategist.

When he is not busy conceptualizing and planning the next sales and marketing outreaches for his employers and clients, he spends his time indoors or attending to his family and Mel (his son).

Michael has a genuine commitment to helping startup businesses grow to its full revenue potential. He is sure not relenting to help build more successful brands, with an inspiring story.


Here’s what people are saying about the course instructor



Argan oil manufacturer

​A respected strategist

​​Michael tries to create opportunities for a product he believes in. His undaunting and resilient personality to projects is unequal. Always a pleasure exchanging marketing and sales plan ideas with this champ!


Marketing Specialist

 Versatile and thorough...

​Mick is quite versatile and thorough in his methods. I have zero doubt in his approach to creating systems designed for profit.

Let's look at the numbers...

How much can you realistically make from creating value-driven online courses that solve a problem? 

If you truly wants to get paid from creating online courses;​ Your product must meet a particular need for people before it makes sense, and converts into money in the bank for you.

Your earning capacity is unlimited, once you create a course(product) that meets the criteria of solving a pain point... 

​The sweet spot ...

​You won't have to create your training content every day, this is the sweet spot. The basic underlying principle of your solution remains constant.

Except you figured there are quicker, more straightforward methods to achieve your value proposition. 

You only need to update or review your online course assets with your additional information. That's it!

This makes your course more valuable to your audience, improving your customer lifetime value (CLV) with your brand over the time.

​course funnel

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Course Enrollments close on June 20th 2020


100% Satisfaction Guarantee

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If you don't get practical knowledge In starting your ​Online-Course based business to launch in 30-days. Having deployed the content in this course, just let us know and we'll send you a prompt refund. Guaranteed!

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